Custom Fleet Software Development

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Fleet management is a booming business in this generation that manages operations through various vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, rail, ships, etc. Gaining magnificent track in the trade, this sector handles more than half of the economy for any nation. In fact, without the transportation and fleet management devised for frequent imports and exports, it helps in maintaining relations with other nations. Fleet industry is the reason for handling major Logistic chain providing delivery in minimal time.

Fleet management includes several significant functions such as vehicle tracking, fuel management, health and safety management, finance for automobiles, driver management, maintenance, etc

One of the factors that play significant role in fastening fleet services is Digitization. Digital tools play a pivotal role in dealing complex challenges such as recognizing goods overload, vehicle and driver tracking, scalability, enormous team management and coordination, data accuracy, cost-cutting initiatives, etc.

Over the years we have been offering faultless software services to the global clients despite their varied time zones. We have cleared so many client’s complex ventures into simple.


How ORIGITY SOURCE can help the Fleet Industry?

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Bringing an intensified change in the way of devising operations, Technologies have broken the shales of complexities for the Fleet industry. Today almost everything is managed through web applications, and software platforms to keep an eye on the routine operations. This is where ORIGITY SOURCE comes into the scene. As a remarkable Custom Fleet Software Development Company, we have well-experienced and dexterous software professionals at all levels, having in-depth subject knowledge.

We can help you with impeccable web and application developments such as vehicle tracking system, driver monitoring, goods scheduling and tracking systems, route planning software, etc. Conceptualizing comprehensive solutions with various features and modules for vehicle service providers, we help the Fleet industry to secure their routine operations.

We follow Agile methodology for software project development with enhanced quality and on-time project delivery. We also maintain a secure working environment to empower data privacy and IP security. Utilizing password-protected mechanisms, firewalls and antivirus installation are some of the other factors of security that we follow for our project work.

Our Software Services for the Fleet Industry

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With our top-quality software development services, you can simplify your logistic operations such as task allocation, vehicle tracking, consigning, etc. We have mobile app developers who can build APIs and integrate services to keep an extensive look on your goods, drivers, safety of assets, and their work efficiency.

To provide business value, we offer these software services to the Fleet industry –

Fleet Management Software Development

Mobile Application Development

Custom Website Design and Development Services

Driver Management Software

Route Planning Software

Third-party Integration Services

Transportation Management Software

Invoice Management Solutions

Maintenance Services

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