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ORIGITY SOURCE is a prominent MEAN Stack Development Company in India offering magnified software development services to its global clientele with different time zones. Talking about MEAN Stack, it is a reliable JavaScript-based development framework having stunning features inside that helps to build eye-catching user interfaces for applications. The four main technologies that make up the stack's tiers are referred to as the MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js.

Being an incredible MEAN Stack development service provider in India, it has earned a place among the industry's best. With our amazing services and solutions in their sectors of interest, our objective is to assist our clients in achieving tremendous success. We put significant effort into each of our projects to create a distinctive quality for all of the work we do, giving you access to a wider range of development options.

To offer innovative, safe, and scalable solutions for our customers' large or small enterprises, our team of professional developers adheres to stringent risk assessment and quality control methods.

Our basic motive is to innovate in every field, making a difference in all we do.


Why should I choose MEAN Stack?

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As one of India's finest MEAN Stack development companies, clients from all over the world come to us with unique requirements in various disciplines, and with our experience with cutting-edge technology, we simplify their difficult endeavours.

With its technology stack, the MEAN Stack is a free, user-friendly, open-source java-script software stack for creating dynamic websites and strong web applications. MEAN Stack has been regarded as the best option for developing hybrid apps with full-stack JS since it ensures quick and efficient software production. MEAN include Mongo DB, Express, Angular, and Node.js.

MongoDB - MongoDB is a well-known, cross-platform database that was created in C++. In MongoDB, a single document resembles an OOPS object.

Express js – Express is a sophisticated and streamlined server framework that was built specifically to produce single- and multi-page web applications.

Angular js – Angular is a Google-operated open-source online and mobile application framework that has a significant impact on the ability to design and test applications using the MVC and MVVM frameworks.

NodeJS – NodeJS is one of the most effective and adaptable platforms in the world, and businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 firms, use it to create a range of desktop, mobile, and web apps, including some that use the entire stack.

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ORIGITY SOURCE has been assisting worldwide clients with enhanced MEAN Stack development services in a variety of domain verticals for many years. Keeping a keen eye on complex challenges, our developers can build event-driven and real-time apps with Spellbinding features and functionalities.

The following are some of the great benefits of MEAN Stack Development Services –



and the capacity to create an MVP quickly

Applying a single programming language

Allows for ISOMORPHIC coding

Easily swap between the server and client

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