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DNN is a simple feature-rich and open source content management system based on the Dot Net platform. The utilization of the three-tier model having an extraordinary modular structure makes it more pleasing for the users to adopt it. Nowadays people are more focused on client-side experiences rather than traditional DNN platforms which are highly focused on offering server-side functionality.

Microsoft has revamped the traditional versions with a fine modular structure (MVC) and Single Page App Support.


Why choose ORIGITY SOURCE Solutions?

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ORIGITY SOURCE is a dynamic DNN custom software development company based in India that offers bespoke solutions to a wide range of industries. It creates web design and web apps that can be seamlessly customized to deliver exactly what the client needs, from secure payment systems to CRM-integrated bespoke online forms. There is no more back and forth since DNN deploys from within the user's browser.

We can develop convenient modules for clients such as pop up notifications, FAQ modules, graphical representation and contact modules, and many more matching your commercial requirements.

Our astonishing services for DNN include –

Custom DNN website development

DNN module development

DNN data migration services

Theme design and development

Over the years, we have been serving a wide set of clients with tremendous DNN services. The industries we served include Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare, Banking, Environment, Finance, Entertainment, etc. We use Agile methodologies to ensure that client projects are completed on time.

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What are the benefits of DNN?

With the DNN platform, you can get some great advantages. Among them are the following

Simple to manage – You can seamlessly supervise, manage and publish website content without the need for technical knowledge.

Easy to use –This simple yet powerful Asp.Net framework facilitates features that are simple and easy to use.

Easy installation –Provides free PDF download and installation for the most recent editions.

Seamless File Sharing –Dot Net Nuke has excellent support for role-based file editing and multi-site management with seamless file sharing.

Impeccable security –Being a Microsoft platform it is a completely tested system with absolute security. It provides some astonishing features such as granular permissions, security roles, active directory authentication, content approval workflow, etc.

Community –DNN helps to form an impeccable community online through collaboration and helps with problem sharing and solving.

Customization support – DNN may be extensively customized and extended utilizing template modules and skins.

Mobile website –Having seamless features, the DNN platform supports mobile device detection and direction, mobile site previewer, and many more.

e-Commerce and enhanced features –For a modest range of services and commodities, DNN provides a built-in solution. Multi-functionality is evolving to meet the needs of end-users.

Network support –Different websites, Blogs, online forums, and online help provide specialized network support

Excellent performance and scalability –DNN has built-in support for Azure, multi-site, module/page cashing, cloud file storage, and web form support.

Support – Technical assistance is of the highest quality.

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