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Kentico CMS is a web content management system that is enterprise-ready, rich, and powerful, with a strong focus on community websites and online businesses. Kentico CMS makes it simple to develop business and personal websites. It has a plethora of information and suggestions that make it extremely simple to use. It also saves time and provides excellent support for document management, SEO, mobile websites, multisite administration, multilingual websites, online marketing tools, and so on.

Below mentioned are some of the highlights of the Kentico CMS platform –

Simple to install

Workflow management with processcompliance and versioning

Flexible template engine and content model.

Technology and IDE Integration support

Effortlessly manage SEO strategies with standard web practices

Seamless Interface and file management

CMS, internet marketing, and e-commerce platform in one.

Customizable framework with built-in modules.

Simple to search documents (both structured / Unstructured)

Multilingual Capability

Fine Documentation and customer support.

Kentico Development Services
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What are the features of Kentico?

Below given are some of the amazing features of Kentico –

There are so many reasons why one should go with Angular. Some of the essentials are –

Multilingual –To reach a broad range of audiences globally is exquisitely important for any business to improve sales and intensify its brand. Thus, Kentico offers multilingual support and helps to cover this need effectively.

Content Management – You can produce amazing content material, arrange it, and manage it flawlessly with the best use of various layouts, outstanding modules, and features.

Smooth up-gradation – This platform helps you with notifications and provides a 'one-click upgrade' option for an easy and quick upgrade.

Extensibility – This platform provides significant flexibility to expand the functionality of the website thanks to its large number of extensions.

Quick Search - Kentico enables website visitors to conduct rapid and intelligent searches by appropriately streamlining the page information.

Integrated help system - To utilize Kentico rapidly, users can use an in-app contextual help system.

Kentico's user interface libraries are ideal for developing quick, user-friendly, and aesthetically appealing websites and online applications. Kentico also offers features like content versioning, UI modification, user access management, and so on. Kentico CMS enables a wide range of website authors to quickly contribute content without requiring specialist support. Kentico is backed by a knowledgeable and growing community that actively offers assistance.

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Our Kentico Development Services

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Kentico assists customers in locating the best solutions for their unique brand concepts. Kentico's wide extension library allows for the construction of extremely customized websites. Because of its strong application architecture, it is simple to create professional add-ons that extend Kentico's capability. Kentico's templates are compatible with any mobile device and efficiently enable developers to create websites that are extremely appealing to users.

Origity Source can assist you with these Kentico services by utilizing top tools and industry best practices –

Kentico website design and development

Kentico E-commerce Solutions

Kentico plugin and extension development

Kentico theme design and development

Kentico website maintenance and support

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